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Thursday, 22 July 2010

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Sleeping soundly in that bed you’ve made Mr Blair ? the MI5 Manningham-Buller maybe a slow burning device but reach its target it surely will...On that you may depend...The vultures are circling now for the only prey in town; so far you have evaded scrutiny by Parliament (disgracefully); the International Criminal Court (incompetently); the free press of these islands (self-interestedly); your own ramshackle Labour Party (gutlessly) and further have chosen not to volunteer your own sincere answers to the court of public opinion who, astonishingly & for reasons best known to themselves, chose to elect you on three occasions. But the truth will out - natural justice & the souls of the thousands who perished to polish your ego will ensure that...night night!

Consider the Man !

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Free mp3s of songs from my Chameleon Man EP...

The RN widget attached contains advance mp3s of songs from my Chameleon Man EP to be released on 7th June - If you enjoy my music please check out a further 14 of my songs - All are available as mp3s for free downloading from my main hosted page @ please tell your friends..;-)

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