Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Consider the Man

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  1. The defining point of David Cameron's Premiership will be whether he has the guts to stand up & slay the daemon of Iraq by demanding impeachment at the Hague or whether he persists with his 'imitation being the most sincere form of flattery' policy as currently -

    In view of this Prime Minister & further to your receipt of the Chilcot Report I respectfully ask you to consider...

    1. What course would be in the best long term interest of this country Sir ?

    2. What response to his 'decision' to 'thumbnose international law & invade anyway' would the Electorate respect the most as restoring the reputation of the UK abroad ?

    3.Given admissions contained in written publication what course do you consider Her Majesty would now expect the First Lord of the Treasury to adopt ?

    Please be aware Sir - it is by the manner of your response to this call that history shall assess your own reputation as PM...

    After all...if you can't trust the PM who can you trust eh ?