Thursday, 22 July 2010

Facebook | Mark Gerrard

Sleeping soundly in that bed you’ve made Mr Blair ? the MI5 Manningham-Buller maybe a slow burning device but reach its target it surely will...On that you may depend...The vultures are circling now for the only prey in town; so far you have evaded scrutiny by Parliament (disgracefully); the International Criminal Court (incompetently); the free press of these islands (self-interestedly); your own ramshackle Labour Party (gutlessly) and further have chosen not to volunteer your own sincere answers to the court of public opinion who, astonishingly & for reasons best known to themselves, chose to elect you on three occasions. But the truth will out - natural justice & the souls of the thousands who perished to polish your ego will ensure that...night night!

Consider the Man !

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  1. I seriously hope the Advocate General of the ICC DOES hurry up & indict Bush & Blair for waging aggressive war because with what has now come out with the Curvebal admission (i.e. that the intelligence was KNOWN all along to be fake) someone less scrupulously-minded than myself could be tempted to take the law into their own hands if he does not...& even though I lost my cousin to military service in that awful war...I should NOT approve of this but let's be realistic...with cause & effect being the way it is...